Multi Strand Copper Wire

Top Multi Strand Wire Manufacturers in india

Of all the multi strand wire manufacturers in the market, Bhagyadeep Cable is one of the leading companies that offers a gamut of wiring and cabling solutions to meet every conceivable requirement of its clients. Housing Wires are bundled and compressed with a non-conductive covering. They are more flexible and malleable making them suitable for electronic components where spaces are cramped and require elaborate arrangements to make the device function appropriately. With the ever-increasing dependency on electronic devices that ranges from a simple electric kettle to a laptop and all the way to a spaceship, the onus is upon the multi-strand wire manufacturers to ensure their offerings can meet all requirements of the modern industry without any exceptions. After all, human progress and human lives quite literally depend on it.

Multi Strand Wire Specification

Empowered with over two decades of varied experience providing solutions to businesses spanning across industries, we have made a mark for ourselves in the market through quality, consistency, and prompt customer service. Our offerings include hook-up wires, telephone cables, wire harnesses, flexible wires, flat ribbon cables, and multi strand wires among others. We also comply with both domestic and international quality norms such as ISI and UL among others and are also accredited with ISO 9001:2000 certification. What truly differentiates us from the rest is our ability to create tailored solutions for our customers while sticking to the fundamentals. At the heart of all our efforts are our customers who rely on us to expedite our expertise and insight time after time. Bhagyadeep cables goal as an organisation is not merely to be a leading multi strand wire manufacturer but to be a part of the larger initiative to power human civilisation into the future.

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