Top 10 Power Cables Manufacturers In India

Few points customers need to consider while looking to avail the services of power cord manufacturers in India

  • Tenure in the business and the feedback they have from previous customers.
  • Quality norms and regulations they adhere to.
  • Portfolio of products they have to offer.
  • Production capabilities of the provider.
  • Business model and its customer service policies.

Power Supply Cords Manufacturers & Suppliers in India

While there are several power cord manufacturers in India that strive to meet these requisites effectively, few come close to the proficiency of Bhagyadeep Cables. We are a dynamic and fast-moving company that has been in this line of work since 2000. Led by a team of highly experienced and visionary individuals, our goal is not merely to fill orders but to bring about a sea of change in the industry over time and pave the way for the future. Given the importance of power cords in every electrical device we can think of, the onus is upon us to ensure each of our offerings is at par with the expectations of our customers. We adhere to multiple quality norms such as ISI and UL among others.

We are also accredited with ISO 9001:2000 certification which is a globally recognised industry standard for quality and competence. Despite having achieved the highest possible levels of capabilities, we remain grounded and focus our effort on the most important subject; our customers. As one of the most sought-after power cord manufacturers in India, we take pride in our contribution to the efforts in nation-building by providing our customers with a wide range of offerings that are reliable and performance-driven.