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Wire Manufacturing Process : Manufacturing of wires is a process and requires many steps but even much before the actual process is started there are other important aspects with the production to look at:

Production Equipments : The equipments in workshop should be apt those which can handle the emission process.

Production Management : The management should be established scientifically and carefully as little problem may result in wastage of wires.

Quality : Quality of the whole wire is an important aspect and is foremost. The wires should be checked as they cannot be disassembled once made.

1. Drawing Process : This is the first step in which a wire like copper wire of 8 mm in diameter is taken and is drawn into different gauge wires. The wire is compressed and wires of required shape and size are drawn
2. Annealing Process : This is the next step in which the drawn wire are kept in electrical furnace for making them annealed soft wires.

3. Tinning Process : This is basically the coating process which can be done in two ways :

  1. Hot Dip Process: The wires are passed through pickled tin and these get coated.
  2. Electroplating Process: This is more common procedure, separate plants are established for the same, the wires are put in chemical solution and then electric current of required voltage is passed to set the coating on the wire.


4. Twisting : After the coating is done the wires are put on twisting machines to get the required shape and size. The process is different for glass and tinsel wires. In the case of tinsel wires the reels are placed first on flattening machine and then the wire is put on lapping machine. In the case of glass wires, the bunching is done on bunching machine and then the wires are placed on braiding machine.

Annealing Machine


Tinning Machine

Wire Drawing Machine

Tinning Machine

Twisting Machine