A well-engineered cable is comprised of many crucial independent elements. Recently shielding has become just as critical as any other design element. The growing complexity of today’s communications and control systems, coupled with the increased distances signal and control communications are required to travel, have exponentially increased electrical interference (noise) related failures. Depending on the application, cables can be adversely affected by EMI/RFI/ESI (electromagnetic interference, radio frequency interference, electrostatic interference) also known as ‘signal interference.’ Insulation alone provides no protection from signal interference – so to combat the effects of signal interference, proper shielding is vital.

Foil Shield:Good

Foil shielding uses an aluminum/polyester or an aluminum/Kapton foil shield (facing in) with 100% coverage and continuous contact to helically served tinned copper drain wire (one AWG size smaller than insulated conductors). The drain wire is used to create an electrical connection between the shield and the circuit ground. Foil shielding can be applied over individual conductors, twisted pairs or triads, or as an overall foil shield.


Protection at frequencies greater than 15 KHz

100% coverage over core conductors


Low cost

Braid Shield:Better

Braid shielding is a woven mesh of bare, tinned, silver- or nickel-plated copper wires. Multi/Cable’s braid shield provides a minimum of 85% coverage. Braid shields provide a low-resistance path to ground, and they are much easier to terminate when attaching to a connector. Because copper has higher conductivity than aluminum and the weave provides more mass for conducting noise, a braid is more effective as a shield.


Protection at frequencies greater than 15 KHz

EMI/RFI resistance in power, control and data applications

High physical strength

MultiShield (Foil & Braid): Best

For extremely noisy environments and where physical strength is a factor, multiple shielding layers (foil/braid) are recommended. Multi/Cable MultiShield “foil & braid” shield uses triple laminate (aluminum / polyester / aluminum) foil with drain one AWG size smaller than insulated conductors, plus an overall tinned copper braid for increased physical strength and superior shielding from signal interference. In multiconductor cables, individual pairs are sometimes foil shielded to provide crosstalk protection between the pairs.


Protection across entire frequency range

High physical strength

Ease of termination

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